theEVRYDYWKND presents the BASSLINE podcast. A weekly podcast discussing the hottest and most important topics in Hip Hop Culture with from the #DMV perspective. Tune in weekly to catch our host c0pp0 x Young Mitchell x Mr. Anderson chopping it up with a featured guest who is making waves in the #DMV. Tune in every Wednesday for the latest episode.

Episode 43 ft. Harlem

Episode 42. ft. Lil Dream

Episode 41 ft. John Rome

Episode 40 ft. Elevator Nate

Episode 39 ft. Dutch Capital

Episode 38 ft. Hitman Hunter

Episode 37 ft. Chaos Got Beats

Episode 36 ft. 84 Faces

Episode 35 ft. Smoochie Blanco x Montez Brenard

Episode 34 Shout Out to Google

Episode 33 ft. Kora the Artist

Episode 32 ft. Xenny Dreamr x Pinky KillaCorn

Episode 31 ft. Neptune XXI

Episode 30 ft. Tequila Tlk!

Episode 29 ft. Ryda

Episode 28 ft. DJ Loud

Episode 27 ft. Super Nike Nando

Episode 26 ft. Pokah Havoc

Episode 25 ft. Tyrellington

Episode 24 ft. TheHvns

Episode 23 2017 Recap

Episode 22 ft. Sak

Episode 21 ft. Chloe Sade Special Guest DJ Money

Episode 20 ft. Harmon World

Episode 19 ft. Zeus the Legend x KP Gwala

Episode 18 ft. Trap Jezus

Episode 17 ft. Bobby Hagens

Episode 16 ft. Warchild the Nobody x 90wyse

Episode 15 ft. Mus Matos x Dot Cromwell

Episode 14 ft. Emma G

Episode 13 ft. Kae-9

Episode 12 ft. Innanet James x DJ P Knock

Episode 11 ft. Mel the Barber

Episode 10 ft. Malcolm Bowens

Ep. 9 ft. James Poet

Ep. 8 ft Yung Kings

Ep. 7 ft.  Black Ranger Music

Ep. 6 ft. Brain Rapp

Ep. 5 ft. The Couny

Ep. 4 ft. Raza- Ry

Ep. 3 ft. Mia Sparrow

Ep. 2 ft. Chaos Got Beats

Ep. 1 ft. Nature Boi