The Rise of The Hypebeast

In between the seas of Self Indulgence, Gluttony, and Narcissism, lies Isla Fuckboy. Isla Fuckboy is the home and native island to an animal known as the Hypebeast. The Hypebest or Hypethenium Beastia was previously a rare and disregarded animal that has since multiplied in the past generation. With the rise of Generation Z and some younger Millennials, the Hypebeast seems to have garnished much more attention - causing it to inbreed and produce a staggering population that has caused many to wonder, are they clones? Many believe the artist formerly known as Kanye West, whom now is more widely known as Yeezy, ushered in the rise of the Hypebeast via his sneaker/clothing items under the same moniker. With the country known as Resell gaining prominence, many of its inhabitants have vastly inflated the worth of Yeezy’s and other “cultural” items, causing mass hysteria and illusions of grandeur. This has only enabled the Hypebeast to continue to reproduce, leaving huge numbers of offspring in its wake.

While the Hypebeast had not previously been given much attention but more so was the butt of jokes, it would seem now their numbers are stronger than ever. They can often be found waiting in lines like elephants migrating over the savannah. Only these lines often end in violence and establishments closing down due to the ruckus. The Hypebeast has surely become a stain on what was once a communal culture. Gone are the days filled to the brim with The Individuals. The Individuals whom while may have possessed similar attributes to the Hypebeast, made it a point to stand out with their own unique take on those attributes. It was more of how The Individuals presented themselves with the same parts as opposed to bolting on every single one at a time. The Individuals also had an acute understanding of those parts. The Individuals did not just take on new parts without knowing the history behind them.

Now we see the Hypebeast getting younger and younger. Mimicking only what it sees in the older generation.  The Individuals have seeminlgy gone into hiding or have just become extinct altogether. Will there be “the one” who breaks free from the mold? Will it be able to separate itself from an island of clones and apes? I suppose we will have to wait patiently until the scourge meets it’s ultimate fate. I suppose we will have to wait patiently until The Individuals show their face once again. 

My name is Lou. I am an Individual. And I am almost extinct. 


Rest in Paint : DABS Day '17

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