Rest in Paint : DABS Day '17

DABS Day 2017

When it comes to art in The District, you can literally find it everywhere. Part of the benefit of having our generation getting older, is a more open-minded approach to how the city should be viewed. With that, we have seen an emergence of giant murals being commissioned on the sides of warehouses and office buildings. The best part is that all of the Graffiti writers that used to have to sneak to express their art can now work out in public without having to worry, in most places. This has given the city more light; it's made sometimes boring commutes seem a little more vibrant. And that has made a few tags by artists stick out like sore thumbs. I caught some footage of a celebration that many weren't privy to. An anual celebration that has been coined DABS day. Below are some images, highlighting some of the artists that participated in DABS day. Head over to my page to see the full transpiring of that day, and check out some more of the artwork that was created on that day. #RespectheShooter

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