MITMondays: Two Things I Took Away From More Life

MITMondays: Two Things I Took Away From More Life


Just over a week ago Drake premiered his new project More Life via OVO Sound Radio. I had mixed feelings going into this realease for a couple of reasons. The first being that it is a playlist and not an album. I've never heard an artist drop a playlist like this so I was interested in seeing where he would take this. Second, coming off of the commercially successful yet underwhelming Views, I had to lower my expectations to avoid disappointment. With that being said, More Life confirmed two theories I had coming into the release.


The first theory that More Life confirmed for me is that Drake is no longer a rapper. For the past couple of years, it felt like Drake was getting further and further away from rapping. Let's be real, very seldom did Drake actually rap on Views. Also with his features he's been sounding more and more like a pop star. With hits like Controlla and One Dance he definitely was not rapping. But with his feature on 2 Chainz's Big Amount I thought he was making his return to rap. After all he told us he, "Crossed over to the other side and I didn't even have to die." This fully displayed he was more focused on the pop side of things. I was ready to for mixtape Drake to come back. After the Big Amount verse, Drake was back to rapping on Sneakin'. This was one of my favorite Drake songs of late that had me wondering what would really happen if he had to call his bros for assistance. Sadly we very seldom saw Drake rapping on More Life. The tracks where Drake was rapping were the best ones on the playlist. Even though there were rap songs on there, the playlist consist of a lot of non hip hop tracks. Drake no longer being a rapper isn't the only theory that More Life confirmed.

The second theory that More Life confirmed for me is that there is a high probability that we will never get a classic Drake album. In today's hip hop culture we use the word classic too loosely. Its like everytime you turn around somebody dropped a "classic" album. Granted those albums are solid, they just aren't classics. Illmaticis is classic. The Score is classic. Aquemini is classic. If we're being honest we haven't heard too many classic albums lately.

"On that note, please don't cite J. Cole albums as classics, they're dope albums just not classics."

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm convinced Drake will never give us that classic album. Let's go down the line of Drake albums. Take Care was Drake's best work albumwise in my opinion but it still isn't a classic. From start to finish it was very well put together lyrically and sonically but it's still a lot of tracks we could do without. Next we have Nothing Was The Same and if we're being honest Drake hasn't been the same since. Here we saw Drake start his transition into a pop star. A solid album but still not a classic. This brings us to More Life. I wasn't really thrilled with it but definitely had some gems on it. From Glow to Statistics the middle of the album was best part. But outside of that, it was just average at best. I felt like Drake was forcing the Carribean thing. Like the fake accent on No Long Talk has to go. Maybe he's going through an identity crisis because I'm not even sure he knows what "more chune for your head top" means. This playlist was better than Views but still far from a classic.


As I come to a close we can see that the days of Mixtape Drake are far from us.  Pop star Drake is cool but nothing has been the same. Drake might not have a classic album but best believe whenever his greatest hits album drop it will be nothing short of greatness. As Always....


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