Back like we left the key in the sofa cushion...

So after a longer than anticipated break we're back. We've been reworking things to bring the #WKNDERS better content and series.  For the newbies welcome and what took you so long.  You can check out some of our past work below. To really get a feel for what we're about, follow us on all the social stuff at the bottom of the page to keep up with theEVRYDYWKND and #WKNDERS everywhere. 

theEVRYDYWKND. No days off. No time clock to punch. Make money and turn up on your own schedule. Don't get it twisted #WKNDERS are far from slackers. We put in work to live without the rules of traditional society.  For us working maybe over dinner at Shake Shack or drinks at Avery's but the bottom line is we get it done. Everything you need to be a #WKNDER is here… fashion, art, film, music, recipes, dating tips, mixology, inspiring people and their work, and anything else that adds to the LIFE. Follow us on this journey. 




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rinse and repeat...

Ben Walters- Taking Candy from a Baby Shot by Anthony Allen of higHDope

FRSH FEET- Robbie Gurlik