MITMondays: April 7th

April 7th is around the corner and is a pretty big day in the hip hop community. On that day we are getting the second studio album from Joey Bada$$. Also, even though it isn't set in stone, we could possibly be blessed with an album from Kendrick Lamar. There has been a lot of build up for both of these anticipated albums but you know we got you covered here at TheEveryDayWeekend just incase you missed out on something. 

First, lets kick things off with Joey Bada$$. Joey looks to follow up the success of his debut studio album on Friday with the release of All-Amerikkkan Bada$$. Leading up to the release, Joey is looking like he is well on his way to doing that. Last spring at Coachella Joey premiered the lead single for this album entitled Devastated. On this track we saw a side of Joey that we never had really seen before. It was like sunlight brightening up Joey's rather gloomy catalog. Last week Joey also gave us another single from the album called ROCKABYE BABY ft Schoolboy Q. Groovy Q delivered one of the grittiest verses of the year on this track while Joey laid down a few bars as well. Lastly, Joey conitinued to give us bars this time over Future's Mask Off instrumental. Joey defintely has making some waves in the rap game for a while now and with All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ on the way one can hope that continues to ride that wave. 

Not only will we get a new album from Joey but there is a possibility that we will be getting a new album from Kendrick Lamar. When Kendrick dropped the latest installment of The Heart series, he made it very clear that we have until April the 7th to get our shit together. Many believe that we will be getting an album this Friday because whenever Kendrick drops a new installment of The Heart series an album soon follows. With hopes of a new album dropping this Friday, Kendrick has been creating quite a buzz as of late. Not only did he drop The Heart Part 4, but he also dropped a new single with visuals called Humble. It's apparent that Kendrick is sending shots towards a particular rapper and many, including myself, believe that rapper is Big Sean. There are a couple reasons why many believe it's Big Sean. With the help of Genius we can make a direct correlation between Big Sean's No Favors and Kendrick's Humble.  Another way we can say Kendrick is aiming this rap attack at Big Sean is by twitter. Early Friday morning, Kendrick took to Twitter and simply tweeted out Mr. 1-5. Seems vague but on Bounce Back Sean tells us that," If I lose 1, I bounce back like 2,3 with the 4,5." 

It seems that Kendrick isn't here for whatever Big Sean has up his sleeve. This latest feud just adds to my belief that 2017 is just the year of the rap beefs. First Dolph and Yo Gotti, then Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj, now Kendrick and Big Sean. With that being said the build up to Friday has left many hip hop fan's mouth watering. Kendrick has already solidified his spot at the top in my book and I'm ready to see how Joey follows up the success of B4.Da.$$. It's looking like April 7, 2017, will be a day to remember. As Always....


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