theEVRYDYWKND presents KCK'N IT: Blueline Fest DC

theEVRYDYWKNDEvrydy got the chance to KCK IT at the Blueline Festival with N.I.C.E Ent.'s owner and sole operator, Henny, as he gives us the lowdown on what the Blueline Fest is, what the future of it shall be, and how bringing local artists from all over the DMV music scene into one large musical will help correlate and shape the way of networking. Check back here for more from Henny & N.I.C.E. Ent.

Directed/Produced By:

Jason Coppedge x Anthony Allen

Filmed by:

Anthony Allen x Michael Armstrong

Edited By:

Anthony Allen

Music By:

Sol DayLahhh x KazzRiot

Instagrammers We Dig- @Stellmeow

Paul Rodriguez x Network A present: Life