Barack Obama Elected to 2nd Term

Barak Obama is officially back in office for his much deserved second term. This was a close race that brought to light a lot of issues America had fooled itself in to believing were no longer up for debate.

Whether you voted Obama or Romney one thing this election showed is a CHANGE is ineveitable in this country. Voters showed up in record numbers across the country to make their voice heard. Gen Y proved they were “really out here…” in the word of Ab- Soul, with many taking part in campaigning and working the polls.

Gotta make sure I show love and admiration to the homie @WhoisSaraSingh and team over at @SFBOvcu who I’ve personally watched put together one hell of an effort on there campus not just for Obama but for voter to get registered and know there rights.

Now lets let that man work!

rinse and repeat…

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