theEVRYDYWKND is a collective of creatives that explore and support the DMV Hip Hop Culture– shows, events, and vintage streetwear, boutique marketing services and more...

Our Team:

cOppO x Mr. Anderson x Young Mitchell

No days off. No time clock to punch. Make money and turn up on your own schedule. Don't get it twisted #WKNDERS are far from slackers. We put in work to live without the rues of traditional society. For us working maybe over dinner at Shake Shack or drinks at Big Chief but the bottom line is we get it done. Everything you need to be a #WKNDER is here... we are the number one destination for DMV hip hop culture. Follow us on this journey.

Since 2014, we have led the effort to provide an artistic platform for the talent of the DC metropolitan area, affectionately known as the DMV to locals. In a town of politic and policy artist endeavors are often overshadowed. We're here to be the light.