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theEVRYDYWKND presents The Bassline Podcast. A weekly podcast discussing the hottest and most important topics in Hip Hop Culture with from the #DMV perspective. Tune in weekly to catch our host c0pp0 x Young Mitchell x Mr. Anderson chopping it up with a featured guest who is making waves in the #DMV. Tune in every Tuesday for the latest episode.


Episode 17 ft. Bobby Hagens

Episode 16 ft. Warchild the Nobody x 90wyse

Episode 15 ft. Mus Matos x Dot Cromwell

Episode 14 ft. Emma G

Episode 13 ft. Kae-9

Episode 12 ft. Innanet James x DJ P Knock

Episode 11 ft. Mel the Barber

Episode 10 ft. Malcolm Bowens

Ep. 9 ft. James Poet

Ep. 8 ft Yung Kings

Ep. 7 ft.  Black Ranger Music

Ep. 6 ft. Brain Rapp

Ep. 5 ft. The Couny

Ep. 4 ft. Raza- Ry

Ep. 3 ft. Mia Sparrow

Ep. 2 ft. Chaos Got Beats

Ep. 1 ft. Nature Boi